Isao Fujimoto & the CVP

A collection of video content on the Central Valley Partnership for Citizenship and the work of Project Facilitator Isao Fujimoto, Ph.D.

A Plurality of Voices

Dynamic (Video) Mosaic

Isao Fujimoto:  "Over a 10 year period, more than 20 activist groups banded together and supported nearly 150 emerging immigrant organizations in developing their potential. The CVP brought people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and build together. The entire effort can be pictured as a Dynamic Mosaic. In fact, that’s the title of the dissertation on the CVP I wrote for my Cornell PhD awarded in 2010."

The following "video mosaic" contains 4-5 minute excerpts of a collection of interviews with participants in the Central Valley Partnership for Citizenship that attempts to "bring to life" Dr. Fujimoto's dissertation through a plurality of voices recorded in the fall of 2019.

From the CVP Archives

Courtesy of Jim Bracken, Nonprofit Communications

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